Two-Day Hands on Lead Generation Campaign Intensive Workshop.
Gain the Confidence to Build and Launch Your Own Campaigns Any Time. Come with nothing and leave with everything you need. Learn from Danny Wood & Andrew Fogliato + floaters who will come around the room to help you implement and stay on track.
Andrew Fogliato
Founder of Just Sell Homes Inc.
"We aren't holding back anything in these two days. We're going to show you EVERYTHING you need to build successful campaigns online."
About "Two-Day Lead Generation Intesive" 
with Danny Wood and Andrew Fogliato
This two day course won't be us talking. It's going to be about you DOING. We're limiting the number of attendees to make sure we can give you the hands on attention that you need. By the time its done you'll have campaigns up and running that actually generate leads for your business.
We'll cover:
- How to Set up Each Aspect of your Facebook Presence
- What Content Performs 
- How to quickly build simple landing pages that convert
- How to Create the Perfect Facebook Ad for Each Situation
- Launch a Live Lead Generation Campaign by the End of the First Day
- The Metrics worth paying attention to with your Ads
- How to set up email sequences to nurture leads
- Working your database now that you've grown it
- Basic Principles of Lead Conversion
- and so much more. So much more. 
"I'm excited to show you everything.."
Danny Wood
"This is going to be fun!"
Andrew Fogliato
A Note from the Hosts
We want you to get more out of this than any conference you've ever been to.
The biggest problem with most conferences is that people attend, learn great information, and then never actually implement. That then becomes wasted knowledge. Implementation is everything.

That's where the idea for this event was born. We wanted to solve the problem of lack of implementation. We are going to make sure that you come away with more value than you ever thought possible. 

Don't sign up if you aren't ready to take action. We want people willing to put the work in. That's who this is for.

Note: If you want to bring your admin with you please contact us directly. If we have the room we will allow one admin per attendee for $100. Space is limited though so please Andrew Fogliato or Danny Wood on Facebook.
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